Biografie von YL - Komponist

*24.4.1924 Bratislava CSR.
seit 1941 in Israel
1943 - 1948 studied with Oedoen Partos, Alexander U, Boskovich and Frank Pelleg
1943 - 1946 in addition to his studies played the piano in small jazz bands
1950 - 1963 taught at the Rubin Academy of Music in Tel Aviv
1952 studied in the USA with, among others, Aaron Copland at Tanglewood, Berkshire Music Center. Israeli delegate on the International Arts Program of the Institute of International Education
1959/69 studied in the NWDR studio for electronic music, Cologne, Germany (with Mauricio Kagel, Gottfried Michael Koenig and Karlheinz Stockhausen
1963 Moved to Switzerland for further polio treatment for his son.
1965 - 1972 composed music for various stage productions: Theater an der Winkelwiese: Victor by Roger Vitrac, 1965; Chairs by Eugène Ionesco, 1966; Nestry-Quodlibet by Johann Nestroy, 1967; The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria by Fernando Arrabal, 1968; The Night of the Murderers by Jose Triana, 1969; Jona by Martin Sorescu, 1970; Schauspielhaus Zurich: Turandot or The Congress of the Whitewashers by Bertold Brecht, 1969; Theater am Neumarkt: The Garden of Lusts by Fernando Arrabal
1974-1987 teacher at the Conservatory and Academy of Music in Zurich
October 1987 Retirement
Since 1987 principal activity is AVTS (Audio-Visual Time-Structures), i.e. audio-visual computer compositions, which have been performed in Switzerland and other countries, including:
1989 Musikpodium der Stadt Zürich
1990 Swiss Television DRS
1990 Berne Universtity
1991 IGNM-WORLD-MUSIK-DAYS 1991, Zurich
1991 Technorama Winterthur
1991 University College, London
1992 Exhibition, Galerie 'Amtshimmel', Baden
1993 The Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music and Dance
1993 The Rubin Israel Academy of Music, Tel Aviv
1993 'Baustein' Strengelbach
1993 'Herbsttagung der Kulturgesellschaften des Kantons Aargau' (Autumn conference of cultural societies in the canton of Aargau), Zofingen
1994 Fourth European Conference on Software Quality, Basel, (with exibition)
1996 Theater an der Winkelwiese
1997 Stadttheater St. Gallen
1998 Exhibition, März-Galerie, Ladenburg near Mannheim
1996 - 1999 YL involved in the Segante project.
1999 CCS Centro Culturale Svizzero MILANO: Segante (versione milanese)
1999 "Segante" Project, Musikpodium der Stadt Zürich, Visdome ETH (cupola hall in the main building of the ETH)
2000 'Segante-GS3' Bratislava version (Bratislavskà verzia with cello improvisation by Alfred Zimmerlin
2000 .2nd Swiss Arts Festival: "Segante" project, Chiesa Biancha Maloja (Zurich version)
2001 Release of CD with piano music
2001 Several recitals by the two pianists on the CD
2002 EPFL - 1st stage - 20.07.02 film premiered in Lausanne
2002 "Mohammed's Dream" performed in Berlin by the RIAS Kammerchor (mixed choir, tape). The first performance was conducted by Gary Bertini on the occasion of the 'Jerusalem' Testimonium during the Israel Festival on July 30 1968.
2003 Review in nmz (Neue Musik Zeitung) 4-03
05.12.03 Yehoshua Lakner died in Zurich.