SEGANTE - a Project by Yehoshua Lakner

Première of the Zurich version - 30 September 1999, Visdome ETH Zürich
Three compositions for two computers, monitors and speakers, with excerpts from Giovanni Segantini's texts and letters (edited by Bianca Segantini), and poems by Tuvia Rübner from "Granatapfel" [pomegranate]
I -
Giovanni Segantini
With excerpts from letters and texts by Giovanni Segantini.
A few words about Segantini'slife
II -
Mountain variations
With texts from "Granatapfel", early poems by Tuvia Rübner
A brief paper on Segantini's paintings
S + N
With texts from the two cited sources
Segante Project
The "Segante" project was prompted by Gioconda Leykauf-Segantini (Giovanni Segantini's granddaughter and a composition commission from Pro Helvetia to mark the centenary of the great painter's death.
Yehoshua Lakner, Computer
Andrea Alma Vetsch, speaker
Peter Fischli, speaker
Dr. Christian Klemm, Kunsthaus Zürich,
interposed commentaries
on Giovanni Segantini's life and work
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