An expedition through the century - piano compositions by Yehoshua Lakner Neue Zürcher Zeitung no. 139 - Wednesday, June 19 2002

j.h. Born in Bratislava in 1924, Yehoshua Lakner was seventeen years old when he emigrated to Palestine, where he completed his education. His further studies led him to Aaron Copland in Tanglewood (USA) and to the electronic music studio at West-German Radio in Cologne. In 1963 he settled in Zurich, where he is chiefly engaged in audiovisual design. He has composed music for the stage, in which capacity - in addition to his teaching activities at the conservatory - he has made his mark on Zurich's musical life. Like many musicians connected with that city he has donated his manuscripts to the Zentralbibliothek. From this living legacy the pianist Tomas Bächli has recorded piano music composed between 1946 and 1992 in a stylistic retrospective of the bygone century. Lakner's early pieces are in a neo-classical vein which in his later work develops a distinctive character. "Alef Beth Gimmel", for instance, Lakner's last instrumental work before he concentrated exclusively on computer music, impresses with an entire gamut of sounds and gesture, as does Thomas Bächli's sensitive acoustical rendering of this musical expedition through the 20th century. In the two versions of "Circles and Signals" he is joined by Petra Ronner on a second piano.
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Yehoshua Lakner, Piano Works from Six Decades. Tomas Bächli, Petra Ronner (piano). Guild 7214 (1 CD).