Yehoshua Lakner's work

... "Yehoshua Lakner's involvement with the computer goes back to 1985. He used it to make his 'Audiovisual Time-Structures", compositions for computer sounds and monitor. The image can simultaneously visualise a musical event, react to it contrapuntally or even achieve autonomy. The result is a highly poetic interaction of sound and image."...
Alfred Zimmerlin: Dissonanz no. 40, May 1994

....."Concerto for monitor? Yes, the 'mobile' graphics are part of the music, counterpointing what is heard." (Y.L. 1989/90)

Yehoshua Lakner:Schweizer Komponisten unserer Zeit (Swiss composers of our time), AMADEUS, 1993, S.237ff ISBN 3-905049-05-8 - BP 400
musique concrète
..." By this I understand compositions consisting of sounds and noises recorded on tape, transformed, layered and played in the desired order. Composing directly with tape seems to me to be particularly appropriate for stage music, which after all is played on tapes, not by instrumentalists."...
Yehoshua Lakner: Zur Bühnenmusik, in: Maria von Ostfelden - Theater als Experiment, Verlag Lars Müller, 1996, p. 148ff  ISBN 3-907044-15-0 (bound edition)

ISBN 3-907044-16-9 (paperback)

instrumental music      
.." Among the foreign composers to have dedicated pieces to Horak are Henri Pousseur, Sophia Gubaidulina, Anestis Logothetis, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Klaus Huber, Violeta Dinescu. Yehoshua Lakner."...

Vienna Friends of the Bass Clarinet: in: Die Bassklarinette. 45 years ago Josef Horak discovered a new solo instrument for the world of music.

Vocal music      
... a few Lieder from his early period, but also the work Mohammed's Dream...
..."Yehoshua Lakner's work has received numerous awards, including the Engel Prize of Tel-Aviv for his "Toccata for Orchestra" (1958). He was honoured by the Zurich City Council for his theatre music (1969) and was awarded the Salomon David Steinberg Foundation's Music Prize, as well as a composer-in-residency from the City of Zurich (1987/88)"...
Alfred Zimmerlin: Booklet, in CD Guild: GMCD7214